22nd March 2004

Version 0.5 released!

The JSDSI team are pleased to announce the latest release of our SPKI/SDSI implementation.

See here for the full list of changes, but by way of a summary:

  1. JSDSI now uses Maven for builds.
  2. We've reorganized the directory structure for best use by Maven.
  3. Added the jsdsi.util package (stability: semi-stable, maintainer: Sean Radford).
  4. Added jsdsi.ldap package (stability: experimental, maintainer: Luis Pedro).
  5. Added jsdsi.xml package (stability: experimental, maintainer: SameerAjmani). Does not yet follow any standard XML schema.
  6. Added jsdsi.sexp.SexpInput and jsdsi.sexp.SexpOutput interfaces, and refactored jsdsi.sexp.SexpInputStream , jsdsi.sexp.SexpOutputStream , jsdsi.xml.XmlReader , and jsdsi.xml.XmlWriter to use these interfaces.
  7. Extended S2X utility to support XML input and output.
  8. Fixed tag intersection bug for SetTag.
  9. Added ReversePrefixTag type.
  10. Added jsdsi.Obj#toString(int,int,int) and jsdsi.Obj#toTransport() convenience methods.
  11. Added JUnit tests for S-expression marshalling and LDAP.
  12. jsdsi.Obj now implements java.io.Serializable

29th February 2004

Welcome to the new Mavenised JSDSI project!

We are moving to a better and more controlled build process, including versioning of our file releases - the first being 0.5. We will produce SNAPSHOT's of the CVS version at regular intervals (as and when we get time) - hopefully, we'll get around to automating it s hortly.