Release History

Version Date Description
0.5.1 in CVS Consider API as non stable
0.5 22nd March 2004 Interim release

Release 0.5.1 - in CVS

Type Changes By
update Modified jsdsi.util.KeyPairFactory to make use of the new jsdsi.util.RSAKeyPairGeneratorSpi class. sradford
add jsdsi.util.RSAKeyPairGeneratorSpi and jsdsi.util.RSAKeyGenParameterSpec for JDK style creation of JSDSI compatible RSA Key Pairs. sradford
add jsdsi.util classes for enumeration handling of Algorythm names and conversion of between JDK and SPKI format. All work with algorythm names (Hash and Signature) should now use these classes. sradford
fix Fixed threading issue with parsing of Sexpression datas (validities). sradford
update Added functionality to Hash and Signature for data to come from an InputStream. sradford
fix Fixed problem of byte[ ] equality failing in jsdsi.Util. sradford
add New static utility class (jsdsi.util.DateUtil) for generating zero millisecond java.util.Dates. sradford
update Certs now include < display-hint > in their SExpressions. sradford
update jsdsi.Proof is now a jsdi.Obj, and consequently writtable as an SExpression. sajma
update jsdsi.Principal now declares getURIs() sradford
add New base class for JSDSI Exceptions: jsdsi.JsdsiRuntimeException sradford
update Declared fields of sub-classes of jsdsi.Obj transient. sradford

Release 0.5 - 22nd March 2004

Type Changes By
update canonicalSexp(sdsi certificate) is now stored on a transport format. Changed some comments on jsdsi ldap package. lpmbv
fix LDAPTest control for deleteAllCertificates. lpmbv
add Added LDAPSearchExceptions to control empty searchs results, save time and prevent threads deadlocks. lpmbv
update jsd si.SetTag now allows empty and singleton elements for backwards compatibility, but will be illegal in a future release. sradford
update jsdsi.Obj now implements sradford
add Added convenience methods for retrieving transport S-expressions on jsdsi.Obj. sradford
update Updated jsdsi.ldap.LDAPAttributes, jsdsi.ldap.LDAPParameters and jsdsi.ldap.LDAPOperations. lpmbv
add Added jsdsi.ldap.LDAPOp. lpmbv
add Added Luis's jsdsi.ldap package. sajma
update Moved jsdsi.Loader to jsdsi.util.Loader. sajma
add Added jsdsi.IssuerCertSelector. sajma
update Deprecated methods within PublicKey and RSAPublicKey that use URL's and replaced with equivalent URI methods. sradford
add New utility class for generating KeyPairs (jsdsi.util.KeyPairFactory). sradford
fix SetTag now internally stores its Tag elements as a java.util.List to prevent re-ordering when parsing from Sexpressions (was causing Certificate's to become invalid due to diferrent hashes). sradford
update Improved intersection with SetTag. sradford
fix Correct parsing of public-key Sexpressions with uri's. sradford
add Added jsdsi.ReversePrefixTag that matches strings that prefix its own string value, i.e. (tag (* reverse-prefi x /my/private)) implies (tag /my) but not (tag /my/private/file). sradford