A Java implementation of the SPKI/SDSI standard.

The JSDSI project is hosted by SourceForge .

We've reimplemented the Java SDSI API with the following improvements:

  • Support for the Java Security APIs, including a cryptographic provider.
  • Improved certificate path discovery algorithms. A short description of these algorithms is available [ ps | pdf ] .
  • Improved tag intersection capabilities.
  • More efficient S-expression parsing (stream-based instead of string-based).
  • Alternate wire formats (not just S-expressions). We are in the early stages of adding support for SPKI/XML.
  • Unit tests using JUnit.

JSDSI is currently under development and should be considered unstable and untested.

JSDSI does not yet include a GUI.

JSDSI requires the following software and packages:

You ma y want to explore the Java source code and the javadoc .

Old Java SDSI (package sdsi)

This distribution is an extension of Alexander Morcos's original Java SDSI implementation. You'll need sdsi.jar and the Cryptix cryptographic provider, cryptix32.jar . You'll also need the Java 1.3 Virtual Machine, JRE 1.3 (only tested with Sun's).

You may also want the samples ZIP file , the Java source code , or browse the SDSI javadoc .

This distribution includes the SDSI Certificate Utility, a GUI for creating and managing SDSI certificates. Check out the instructions on how to run and use the utility.

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