What is JSDSI?

JSDSI is a Java implementation of the SPKI/SDSI standard. It began as Alexander Morcos's Master's thesis at MIT; his code lives on in the "sdsi" Java package. In 2002, Sameer Ajmani reimplemented the Java SDSI API with several improvements and renamed the package "jsdsi." These improvements include full support for SPKI tags, more efficient parsing and marshalling of SPKI/SDSI objects, better testing using JUnit, XML support, and more powerful certificate chain discovery algorithms. JSDSI is now hosted by Sourceforge and has several developers contributing new features like an improved build process and LDAP support.

What is SPKI/SDSI?

SPKI is the Simple Public Key Infrastructure.

SDSI is the Simple Distributed Security Infrastructure.

Carl Ellison maintains an excellent page on SPKI/SDSI resources, projects, papers, and code.


How do I install JSDSI?

Put simply, just download the jar and place it on your classpath.

For more in-depth instructions read this .

How do I build JSDSI from source?

We suggest that you:

  1. Install Maven.

  2. Download or get the JSDSI source from CVS.

  3. Build JSDI as with any Maven project.

For more information, read out in-depth build instructions .