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Uses of SexpList in jsdsi

Methods in jsdsi that return SexpList
 SexpList Acl.toSexp()
          Converts this Acl to an SecpList.
 SexpList AclEntry.toSexp()
          Returns an SexpList that represents this AclEntry.
 SexpList AuthCert.toSexp()
          Returns an SexpList that represents this AuthCert.
 SexpList Element.toSexp()
 SexpList Hash.toSexp()
 SexpList HashOp.toSexp()
 SexpList Name.toSexp()
 SexpList Name.toSexp(Principal iss)
          Returns an SexpList-representation of the given Principal.
 SexpList NameCert.toSexp()
abstract  SexpList Obj.toSexp()
          Creates an SexpList -representation from this SDSI-object.
 SexpList ObjectHash.toSexp()
          Returns an S-expression of this ObjectHash
 SexpList OnlineTest.toSexp()
 SexpList Proof.toSexp()
 SexpList PublicKey.toSexp()
 SexpList PublicKeyHash.toSexp()
 SexpList RSAPublicKey.toPublicKeySexp()
 SexpList Sequence.toSexp()
 SexpList Signature.toSexp()
 SexpList Subject.toSexp()
 SexpList Tag.toSexp()
 SexpList Threshold.toSexp()
 SexpList Threshold.toSexp(Principal iss)
 SexpList Validity.toSexp()

Methods in jsdsi with parameters of type SexpList
static Hash Hash.parseHash(SexpList l)
static Obj Obj.parseObj(SexpList l)
          Parses an SexpList an returns a SDSI object.
static PublicKeyHash PublicKeyHash.parsePublicKeyHash(SexpList l)

Uses of SexpList in jsdsi.sexp

Methods in jsdsi.sexp that return SexpList
static SexpList SexpUtil.toSexp(java.lang.String type, Sexp[] ss)
static SexpList SexpUtil.toSexpList(java.lang.String type)
static SexpList SexpUtil.toSexp(java.lang.String type, java.util.List l)
static SexpList SexpUtil.toSexp([] u)
static SexpList SexpUtil.toSexp([] u)
static SexpList SexpUtil.getList(Sexp s, java.lang.String type)
static SexpList SexpUtil.getList(Sexp s)
static SexpList SexpUtil.getNextList(java.util.Iterator i, java.lang.String message)
static SexpList SexpUtil.getNextList(java.util.Iterator i, java.lang.String type, java.lang.String message)

Methods in jsdsi.sexp with parameters of type SexpList
static void SexpUtil.checkType(SexpList l, java.lang.String type)
static java.util.Iterator SexpUtil.getBody(SexpList l)
static[] SexpUtil.parseURLs(SexpList l)
          Deprecated. use SexpUtil.parseURIs(SexpList)
static[] SexpUtil.parseURIs(SexpList l)

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