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Uses of Sexp in jsdsi

Methods in jsdsi that return Sexp
 Sexp PrefixTag.toTagSexp()
 Sexp RangeTag.toTagSexp()
 Sexp ReversePrefixTag.toTagSexp()
 Sexp SetTag.toTagSexp()
 Sexp SimpleTag.toTagSexp()
 Sexp StringTag.toTagSexp()
protected abstract  Sexp Tag.toTagSexp()

Methods in jsdsi with parameters of type Sexp
static Obj Obj.parseObj(Sexp s)
          Parses an S-expression an returns a SDSI object.

Uses of Sexp in jsdsi.sexp

Subclasses of Sexp in jsdsi.sexp
 class SexpList
          A parenthesized list of S-expressions, where the first element is always a SexpString and is called the list's "type".
 class SexpString
          A byte string with an optional display hint.

Methods in jsdsi.sexp that return Sexp
 Sexp SexpInput.readSexp()
 Sexp SexpInputStream.readSexp()
          Reads the next S-expression from the stream.
 Sexp SexpParseException.getSexp()
static Sexp SexpUtil.toSexpComment(java.lang.String c)
static Sexp SexpUtil.toSexpDisplayHint(java.lang.String d)
static Sexp SexpUtil.getNext(java.util.Iterator i, java.lang.String message)

Methods in jsdsi.sexp with parameters of type Sexp
 void SexpOutput.writeSexp(Sexp s)
 void SexpOutputStream.writeReadable(Sexp s, int offset, int width, int last)
          Writes an S-expression to the stream in readable form.
 void SexpOutputStream.writeTransport(Sexp s)
          Writes an S-expression to the stream in transport form.
 void SexpOutputStream.writeCanonical(Sexp s)
          Writes an S-expression to the stream in canonical form.
static SexpList SexpUtil.toSexp(java.lang.String type, Sexp[] ss)
static SexpString SexpUtil.getSexpString(Sexp s)
static byte[] SexpUtil.getByteArray(Sexp s)
static java.lang.String SexpUtil.getString(Sexp s)
static SexpList SexpUtil.getList(Sexp s, java.lang.String type)
static SexpList SexpUtil.getList(Sexp s)

Constructors in jsdsi.sexp with parameters of type Sexp
SexpList(SexpString type, Sexp[] expressions)
          Creates a new list from a type string and an array of S-expressions.
SexpParseException(java.lang.String s, Sexp faulty)

Uses of Sexp in jsdsi.xml

Methods in jsdsi.xml that return Sexp
 Sexp XmlReader.readSexp()

Methods in jsdsi.xml with parameters of type Sexp
 void XmlWriter.writeSexp(Sexp o)

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