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Uses of Subject in jsdsi

Classes in jsdsi that implement Subject
 class Name
          A SDSI name: a principal and a sequence of strings.
 class ObjectHash
          The cryptographic hash of an object.
 class Principal
          A principal: an entity that can define names and can grant and receive authorizations.
 class PublicKey
          A public key.
 class PublicKeyHash
          The cryptographic hash of a public key.
 class RSAPublicKey
          An RSA public key.
 class Threshold
          A subject that can delegate authority to any K of N specified subjects.

Methods in jsdsi that return Subject
 Subject AclEntry.getSubject()
          Returns the subject of this AclEntry.
 Subject Cert.getSubject()
 Subject SubjectCertSelector.getSubject()
 Subject[] Threshold.getSubjects()

Constructors in jsdsi with parameters of type Subject
AclEntry(Subject s, Tag t, boolean p, Validity v, java.lang.String c)
          Creates a new AclEntry from a given subject, tag, delegation bit, validity, and comment.
AuthCert(Principal i, Subject s, Validity v, java.lang.String d, java.lang.String c, Tag t, boolean p)
          Creates a new AuthCert from a given principal, subject, validity, display-string, comment, tag, and delegation bit.
Cert(Principal i, Subject s, Validity v, java.lang.String d, java.lang.String c)
          Creates a new Cert using a given issuer, subject, validity, display string, and comment.
NameCert(Principal i, Subject s, Validity v, java.lang.String d, java.lang.String c, java.lang.String n)
          Creates a new name certificate from a given principal, subject, validity, display hint, comment, and (local) name.
SubjectCertSelector(Subject s)
          Creates a new SubjectCertSelector that matches s.
Threshold(Subject[] s, int t)
          Creates a new Threshold from an array of subjects and a threshold.

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