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Uses of Principal in jsdsi

Subclasses of Principal in jsdsi
 class PublicKey
          A public key.
 class PublicKeyHash
          The cryptographic hash of a public key.
 class RSAPublicKey
          An RSA public key.

Methods in jsdsi that return Principal
 Principal AuthCertSelector.getIssuer()
 Principal Cert.getIssuer()
 Principal CompatibleCertSelector.getIssuer()
 Principal IssuerCertSelector.getIssuer()
 Principal Name.getIssuer()
          Returns the principal of the Name.
 Principal NameCertSelector.getIssuer()
 Principal OnlineTest.getPrincipal()
 Principal Signature.getSigner()

Methods in jsdsi with parameters of type Principal
 SexpList Name.toSexp(Principal iss)
          Returns an SexpList-representation of the given Principal.
abstract  boolean Principal.samePrincipalAs(Principal p)
          Compares this Principal with another.
 boolean PublicKey.samePrincipalAs(Principal p)
 boolean PublicKeyHash.samePrincipalAs(Principal p)
 SexpList Threshold.toSexp(Principal iss)

Constructors in jsdsi with parameters of type Principal
AuthCert(Principal i, Subject s, Validity v, java.lang.String d, java.lang.String c, Tag t, boolean p)
          Creates a new AuthCert from a given principal, subject, validity, display-string, comment, tag, and delegation bit.
AuthCertSelector(Principal i)
          Creates an AuthCertSelector that matches all auth certs issued by i.
AuthCertSelector(Principal i, Auth a)
          Creates an AuthCertSelector that matches these auth certs issued by i that grant an authorization no weaker than a
Cert(Principal i, Subject s, Validity v, java.lang.String d, java.lang.String c)
          Creates a new Cert using a given issuer, subject, validity, display string, and comment.
CompatibleCertSelector(Principal i, java.lang.String n)
          Creates a new CompatibleCertSelector that matches certificates whose subject is a name issued by i whose first local name is n.
IssuerCertSelector(Principal i)
          Creates a new IssuerCertSelector that matches certificates issued by i.
Name(Principal i, java.lang.String[] n)
          Creates a new Name for a given principal and an array of name-strings.
Name(Principal i, java.lang.String n)
          Creates a new local name from a given principal and name-string.
NameCert(Principal i, Subject s, Validity v, java.lang.String d, java.lang.String c, java.lang.String n)
          Creates a new name certificate from a given principal, subject, validity, display hint, comment, and (local) name.
NameCertSelector(Principal i, java.lang.String n)
          Creates a new NameCertSelector that matches certificates issued by i for the local name n.
OneTime(Principal p,[] u)
OnlineTest(Principal p,[] u)
          Creates a new OnlineTest from a given principal and array of URIs.
Revalidation(Principal p,[] u)
Revocation(Principal p,[] u)
Signature(Principal i, Hash h, SignatureAlgoEnum a, byte[] d)
          Creates a new Signature.
Signature(Principal i, Hash h, java.lang.String a, byte[] d)
          Deprecated. use Signature(Principal, Hash, jsdsi.util.SignatureAlgoEnum, byte[]

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