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Uses of Obj in jsdsi

Subclasses of Obj in jsdsi
 class Acl
          An access control list (ACL) that restricts access to an object on the local system.
 class AclEntry
          An ACL entry that specifies a permission (the Tag) and a set of principals (the Subject) that may access the object protected by this entry's ACL.
 class AuthCert
          A SPKI authorization certificate: conveys a permission (the Tag) from the issuer to the subject.
 class Cert
          A single SPKI/SDSI certificate.
 class ExprTag
          Distinguishes tags defined by expressions from tags in general (the latter includes Tag.ALL_TAG and Tag.NULL_TAG).
 class Hash
          A cryptographic hash.
 class HashOp
          A hash operation that instructs a verifier to hash an object for later reference.
 class Name
          A SDSI name: a principal and a sequence of strings.
 class NameCert
          A SDSI name certificate: associates a string (a local name) with a Subject in the issuer's local namespace.
 class ObjectHash
          The cryptographic hash of an object.
 class OneTime
          An online test that must be performed by the verifier and is only valid at the time the test is executed.
 class OnlineTest
          Verifies whether a certificate is valid by contacting an online principal or its agent.
 class Op
          An operation instruction for a verifier.
 class PrefixTag
          A tag that matches all strings with a given prefix.
 class Principal
          A principal: an entity that can define names and can grant and receive authorizations.
 class Proof
          A statement (a Cert) and a sequence of Certificates (Certs + validators) that proves that the statement holds.
 class PublicKey
          A public key.
 class PublicKeyHash
          The cryptographic hash of a public key.
 class RangeTag
          A tag that specifies a range of allowed values.
 class Revalidation
          Checks whether a certificate appears on a revalidation list.
 class ReversePrefixTag
          A tag that matches strings that prefix its own string value, i.e.
 class Revocation
          Checks whether a certificate appears on a revocation list.
 class RSAPublicKey
          An RSA public key.
 class Sequence
          A sequence of SPKI/SDSI objects, typically used to present certs and validators that prove a particular statement.
 class SetTag
          A tag that specifies a set of allowed values.
 class Signature
          A cryptographic signature.
 class SimpleTag
          A tag that contains a string type and a sequence of other tags.
 class StringTag
          A tag defined by a simple string.
 class Tag
          Specifies a particular authorization permission.
 class Threshold
          A subject that can delegate authority to any K of N specified subjects.
 class Validity
          A validity period and a set of online tests.

Fields in jsdsi declared as Obj
protected  Obj Obj._obj
          The replacement SPKI/SDSI object read from the during #readObject( and to be returned via readResolve().

Methods in jsdsi that return Obj
static Obj Obj.parseObj(Sexp s)
          Parses an S-expression an returns a SDSI object.
static Obj Obj.parseObj(SexpList l)
          Parses an SexpList an returns a SDSI object.

Methods in jsdsi with parameters of type Obj
 boolean ObjectHash.isHashOf(Obj o)
          Checks whether this ObjectHash is a hash of the given object.
static Signature Signature.create( kp, Obj o, DigestAlgoEnum a)
          Signs the given JSDSI Obj using the 'default'
static Signature Signature.create( kp, Obj o, DigestAlgoEnum a, java.lang.String provider)
          Signs the given JSDSI Obj using the specified
static Signature Signature.create( kp, Obj o, java.lang.String a)
static Signature Signature.create( kp, Obj o, java.lang.String a, java.lang.String provider)
 boolean Signature.verify( key, Obj o)
          Using the default security Provider, verifies that the corresponding PrivateKey for key generated this Signature for o
 boolean Signature.verify( key, Obj o, java.lang.String provider)

Constructors in jsdsi with parameters of type Obj
Hash(DigestAlgoEnum a, Obj o,[] u)
          Creates a new Hash.
Hash(java.lang.String a, Obj o,[] u)
          Deprecated. use Hash.Hash(jsdsi.util.DigestAlgoEnum, Obj, URI[])
Hash(java.lang.String a, Obj o)
          Deprecated. use Hash.Hash(jsdsi.util.DigestAlgoEnum, jsdsi.Obj,[])

Uses of Obj in jsdsi.sexp

Methods in jsdsi.sexp that return Obj
 Obj ObjInputStream.readObj()
          Reads an Obj from the underlying stream.

Methods in jsdsi.sexp with parameters of type Obj
 void ObjOutputStream.writeReadable(Obj o, int offset, int width, int last)
          Writes an Obj to the stream as a readable S-expression.
 void ObjOutputStream.writeTransport(Obj o)
          Writes an Obj to the stream as a transport S-expression.
 void ObjOutputStream.writeCanonical(Obj o)
          Writes an Obj to the stream as a canonical S-expression.

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