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Uses of Name in jsdsi

Methods in jsdsi that return Name
 Name CompatibleCertSelector.getFullName()
 Name Name.prefix(int i)
          Creates a new Name from this Name using only the first i name-strings.
 Name Name.prefix()
          Returns the local name of this name, that is a Name for this Names issuer with the first name-string of the list of names.
 Name NameCert.getFullName()
          Returns the full name, that is the Name that is created with this issuer and the name-string.
 Name NameCertSelector.getFullName()

Methods in jsdsi with parameters of type Name
 boolean Name.prefixOf(Name n)
          Checks if a given Name has the same issuer (principal) as this Name and if the name-strings are equal to this name's name-strings (a smaller number of name-strings are okay).

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