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Packages that use MultiMap

Uses of MultiMap in jsdsi

Fields in jsdsi declared as MultiMap
(package private)  MultiMap CertStore.auth
          issuer -> set of AuthCert(issuer -> RHS)
(package private)  MultiMap
          name -> set of NameCert(name -> RHS)
(package private)  MultiMap CertStore.compatible
          name -> set of Cert(LHS -> name+X)
(package private)  MultiMap CertStore.subject
          subject -> set of Cert(LHS -> subject)
(package private)  MultiMap Prover.check
          cert -> set of proof(cert)
(package private)  MultiMap Prover.value
          name -> set of proof(name -> principal)
(package private)  MultiMap Prover.compatible
          name -> set of proof(LHS -> name+X)
(package private)  MultiMap Prover.issuer
          issuer -> set of proof(issuer -> RHS)
(package private)  MultiMap Prover.reverse
          subject -> set of proof(LHS -> subject)

Methods in jsdsi with parameters of type MultiMap
(package private)  java.util.Set Prover.load(java.util.Set cache, java.lang.Object key, CertSelector sel, MultiMap map)
          If a given set does not contain a given object, all certficates from the cert-store for a given CertSelector will be added to this proof's certificates.

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