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Uses of Hash in jsdsi

Methods in jsdsi that return Hash
static Hash Hash.create(DigestAlgoEnum a, byte[] d,[] u)
          Creates a new Hash using a given algorithm name, a value to hash, and an array of URIs.
static Hash Hash.create(DigestAlgoEnum a, is,[] u)
          Creates a new Hash of the data from the given InputStream, using the given algorithm
static Hash Hash.create(java.lang.String a, byte[] d,[] u)
          Deprecated. use create(jsdsi.util.DigestAlgoEnum, byte[],[])
static Hash Hash.create(java.lang.String a, is,[] u)
          Deprecated. use create(jsdsi.util.DigestAlgoEnum,,[])
static Hash Hash.parseHash(SexpList l)
 Hash ObjectHash.getHash()
 Hash PublicKeyHash.getHash()
 Hash Signature.getSignee()

Constructors in jsdsi with parameters of type Hash
ObjectHash(Hash h)
          The Hash of this ObjectHash.
PublicKeyHash(Hash h)
          Creates a new PublicKeyHash.
Signature(Principal i, Hash h, SignatureAlgoEnum a, byte[] d)
          Creates a new Signature.
Signature(Principal i, Hash h, java.lang.String a, byte[] d)
          Deprecated. use Signature(Principal, Hash, jsdsi.util.SignatureAlgoEnum, byte[]

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