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Packages that use Element

Uses of Element in jsdsi

Classes in jsdsi that implement Element
 class AuthCert
          A SPKI authorization certificate: conveys a permission (the Tag) from the issuer to the subject.
 class Cert
          A single SPKI/SDSI certificate.
 class HashOp
          A hash operation that instructs a verifier to hash an object for later reference.
 class NameCert
          A SDSI name certificate: associates a string (a local name) with a Subject in the issuer's local namespace.
 class Op
          An operation instruction for a verifier.
 class PublicKey
          A public key.
 class RSAPublicKey
          An RSA public key.
 class Signature
          A cryptographic signature.

Methods in jsdsi that return Element
 Element[] Sequence.getElements()
          Returns the elements of this Sequence.

Constructors in jsdsi with parameters of type Element
Sequence(Element[] e)
          Creates a new Sequence from a given array of elements.

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