Uses of Interface

Packages that use CertificateDAO
jsdsi.certstore Package to allow JSDSI to easily work with various stores of Certificates by the use of differing implementations of a Data Access Object (see CertificateDAO). 

Uses of CertificateDAO in jsdsi.certstore

Classes in jsdsi.certstore that implement CertificateDAO
 class InMemoryCertificateDAO
          Pure memory based implementation of CertificateDAO, storing certificates indexed by various MultiMaps.

Fields in jsdsi.certstore declared as CertificateDAO
protected  CertificateDAO JsdsiCertStore.dao

Methods in jsdsi.certstore that return CertificateDAO
 CertificateDAO JsdsiCertStoreParameters.getDao()

Constructors in jsdsi.certstore with parameters of type CertificateDAO
JsdsiCertStoreParameters(CertificateDAO dao)
JsdsiCertStoreParameters(CertificateDAO dao, java.util.Collection collection)

Uses of CertificateDAO in jsdsi.certstore.jdbc

Classes in jsdsi.certstore.jdbc that implement CertificateDAO
 class JdbcCertificateDAO
          JDBC based implementation of CertificateDAO.

Uses of CertificateDAO in jsdsi.util

Constructors in jsdsi.util with parameters of type CertificateDAO
Loader(java.lang.String filename, CertificateDAO dao)
          Creates a new Loader from a given filename.

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